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Is Papaya leaf extract useful in the treatment of Dengue?

Papaya Leaf extract has been touted as an effective treatment for Dengue fever. However, in this age of whatsapp where false information is abound,

Common mosquito borne diseases in India

Mosquitoes, besides being an irritating and painful, act as carriers for a host of diseases. Many of them fatal. Some common mosquito borne diseases are: malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia, dirofilariasis, Japanese encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis, Western equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, Ross River fever, Barmah Forest fever, La Crosse encephalitis, and Zika fever.

However, some diseases are more rampant than others in India. Insects love warm, tropical climate which enables them to breed and live in large numbers. Given India’s warm, tropical climate, it is no surprise that mosquitoes are such a menace throughout the nation.

In this article, we look at deadliest mosquito borne diseases in India.

Is Neem oil an efficient mosquito repllent?

People kept telling me about a video on whatsapp that, shows neem oil as an effective substitute for the liquid in vaporizers like Mortein/Goodknight/AllOut etc. I asked if they had tried it. None of them had tried it, but wouldn’t stop telling me how good it can be.

6 Reasons why Mosquito nets are indispensable

Mosquitoes – annoying, irritating, blood sucking, have been on this planet for over 70 million years. They were around the time dinosaurs ruled. They were present when humans were evolving. Throughout our existence, humans have tried various means of protection against mosquitoes. In present day, there are a variety of means to protect against mosquitoes : sprays, creams, mats, coils, vaporizers and so on. But, one humble tool has stayed steady in this centuries old war : The Mosquito Net.


In this article, we look at the reasons that make this humble tool indispensable in protection against mosquitoes.

GoodKnight Patches – hit or flop?

Patches. Another smart looking product from GoodKnight. I couldn’t resist trying this out, what with all the cute stickers that can be stuck on to different surfaces, like clothes, a wall beside you, or anything you desire.

GoodKnight Fast Card -content, safety, efficiency

The Good Knight fast Card is a smartly packaged, smartly marketed product. Is it effective? If yes, then to what extent.

I decided to check out for myself whether the product is useful or not.

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On – hit or flop?

100% natural, portable repellent. Is the Good Knight Fabric Roll on the silver bullet in the war against mosquitoes? Or is it a dud. Surely, the premise is great. Just four dots applied on clothes. No need for electricity, no chemicals, no mosquito net. But does it really deliver on the promising premise?

Repellant Liquids – contents, safety, efficiency

What do Goodknight, All Out, Mortein and other Electric Vaporizer Liquids have in common ? They all have the same active ingredient:  Transfluthrin 0.88% . Cutting across brands, this chemical is the most preferred active ingredient for Vaporizer Liquids.

In this article, we explore what is it, how it is manufactured and are there any side effects and cure for the same.

All Out Power Fan – hit or flop

Mosquito Repellents are boring devices. Companies try to innovate to make their products stand out. Some times, they work, some times, they don’t. All Out has introduced an interesting looking product, The All Out Power Fan.

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GoodKnight Fast Card -content, safety, efficiency

The Good Knight fast Card is a smartly packaged, smartly marketed product. Is it effective? If yes, then to what extent.I decided to check...