Mosquito Repellents are boring devices. Companies try to innovate to make their products stand out. Some times, they work, some times, they don’t. All Out has introduced an interesting looking product, The All Out Power Fan.

Is it effective? or is it just another gimmick that doesn’t work? We find out.

The All Out Power fan is currently selling for a discounted price of Rs. 125. The quality of the packaging is impressive.

The bottle holding the liquid is identical to any other bottle. I placed it side by side with another bottle I used for testing Neem oil as repellent liquid. As you can see, the bottles are identical.

Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

I went ahead and tried to fit the bottle into a normal vaporizer machine:

The machine comes with the ability to rotate it’s neck. Which means, you can plug it into a vertical or horizontal switch. This is a really nice feature that should be present on all vaporizers.  Here, I have rotated it horizontally :

The company strictly suggests the heater should always be in an upright position.

The repellent liquid is, same as any vaporizer: .

The most important feature, the main feature of this product however is the fan mounted on the top. While it should be fairly obvious that the fan cannot possibly enhance the vaporizer, I still tested it. The fan is placed on top of the rest of the components, so it isn’t making the liquid vaporize faster. The fan is just a small plastic fan whose effect can be felt only as far as an inch. So, it doesn’t really help in dispersing the liquid far and wide as claimed.

The product was very disappointing. It didn’t seem to have any effect on mosquitoes, which continued biting without any hassles. Still, this machine can be used as an ordinary vaporizer by pulling the button. However, even in that mode, there was no effect on the mosquitoes.

I decided to insert the liquid bottle into a normal vaporizer to see if at least the liquid is effective. Even there, it was very disappointing.

So, not only the machine is a marketing gimmick, even the liquid is useless.