100% natural, portable repellent. Is the Good Knight Fabric Roll on the silver bullet in the war against mosquitoes? Or is it a dud. Surely, the premise is great. Just four dots applied on clothes. No need for electricity, no chemicals, no mosquito net. But does it really deliver on the promising premise?

The fabric Roll On has citronella and eucalyptus oils as its main active ingredients.

I decided to do an experiment to see how effective it is or isn’t. I used a small room for testing. The room was dimly lit so as to encourage the mosquitoes to come out to the party and suck my blood….or at least try since my clothes are weaponized now.

The results follow….

The fragrance is too strong. First thing you’ll notice when you apply Good Knight Fabric Roll on is the strong fragrance. It has a fruit like fragrance, which may be pleasant if it wasn’t so strong. Since the fragrance is so strong, it is annoying. Definitely not suitable to use for babies or very young children. Adults may just find the fragrance intrusive.

It has no effect on the mosquitoes. It seriously has no effect on mosquitoes. Forget repelling, It doesn’t even as much as disturb them.

Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

I applied the roll-on as advised, and here is a mosquito merrily sitting on my arm, mere inches away from the shirt sleeve where the roll-on was applied.

So, I do what any reasonable person does and went to the toilet…to check what it does to the mosquitoes. I applied the roll-on to the back of my hand, and held it under a mosquito that was sitting on one of the tiles. The result is embarrassing:

The Mosquito wouldn’t budge from it’s place. Finally it did die…..after i punched it.

Still, not willing to believe, I continued the experiment. more embarrassing pics :

A mosquito merrily biting me on the palm, while roll-on fabric is applied to the back of the hand:

In conclusion, not only is the fabric roll on completely useless as a repellant, its strong fragrance makes it a strict no no for babies and toddlers.