The Good Knight fast Card is a smartly packaged, smartly marketed product. Is it effective? If yes, then to what extent.

I decided to check out for myself whether the product is useful or not.

The fastcard costs  10 rupees for 10 cards. The cards come packaged as leaves of a small booklet. Smart packaging!

Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

Fast Card Booklet:

Leaflets containing 10 Fast Cards:

The card is pink paper with black dots, which presumably are the active ingredient, i.e, Transfluthrin 1%.

Although, Transfluthrin, the main active ingredient is same as any mat or coil, it’s the concentration that’s different. While mats and coils have Transfluthrin 0.88%, the fast card has 1%. It is difficult to tell how much of a difference that 0.02% makes, as Transfluthrin is an insecticide with low persistency, which also makes it safe to use.

Using the fast card is straight forward. Just bend the card and place it on a plate.

An ignited Fast Card :

Once placed on a plate, light it up with a match stick and quickly put off the flame. The difference between a coil and the fast card is apparent in the way they burn. While a coil may burn on for 30 minutes to an hour, the fast card lasts for a few minutes. That is primarily because the fast card is made of paper which burns more rapidly.

Yes. Once ignited, the fast card lasts only for about 2 minutes. It burns rapidly, releasing the repellant. However, a few minutes later, as the fumes clear out, mosquitoes will be back.

It may require a lot of cards to create enough fumes for a large room.

Verdict: While the fast card is effective for a couple of minutes in a small area, it cannot be relied upon as a stand alone repellant, mainly because it’s effect lasts for only a few minutes, and the quantity of repellent in a single card is not enough for a room. A Liquid Vaporizer or Mat is a good and reliable repellent for a room for several hours.