Patches. Another smart looking product from GoodKnight. I couldn’t resist trying this out, what with all the cute stickers that can be stuck on to different surfaces, like clothes, a wall beside you, or anything you desire.

The product itself is very smartly packaged. The branding includes fun lloking characters from Chhota Bheem. (Although my pack was of animal characters).

Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

Inside the pack,¬†there are small sachets, each containing a strip. GoodKnight has really put a lot of effort in packaging this product, and it’s all very smart.

Each Sachet contains a strip on which two patches are stuck. These are just like the stickers we used in school for books.

Take a patch out, and you can see glued surface at the back of the patch, which, kind of resembles a band aid.

When I took out a patch and stuck it on the sleeve of my shirt, there was a very familiar fragrance. The fragrance was quite strong, with a fruity flavor reminding me of GoodKnight Fabric Roll On. That was the beginning of the disappointment as I had already tried the Fabric Roll On and found it useless as a repellent.

To be sure, I checked the pack for the ingredient, and unsurprisingly, it was the same citronella and eucalyptus oils that make up the fabric Roll On.

Also, very unsurprisingly, it patch was a complete failure as far as acting as a mosquito repellent goes. Just like the Fabric Roll On, the patch too had a strong, intrusive fragrance, which makes it unfit to be used with babies or young children.

Still, I had to find a use for it, but the fragrance was too strong. So, I just stuck it on to the back of my PC monitor, where it will stay till the glue dries and it falls off. At least it sticks well to a surface.