People kept telling me about a video on whatsapp that, shows neem oil as an effective substitute for the liquid in vaporizers like Mortein/Goodknight/AllOut etc. I asked if they had tried it. None of them had tried it, but wouldn’t stop telling me how good it can be.

This was one hard to resist product, and for good reason. Unlike other proposed natural remedies, Neem, along with turmeric, has a reputaion for its proven medicinal value. So, I decided to see it for myself and settle the issue one or the other way.

I emptied the liquid out of a vaporizer bottle at home, and filled it with neem oil, and plugged it in.

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Then, I sat back with a lot of anticipation. After all, if it succeeds, we finally have an all natural mosquito repellent free from any chemicals.

I waited….and waited….and….waited…. nothing but disappointment. Once I switched the vaporizer on, there was a smell in the air, which while not smelling bad, wasn’t pleasant either.

As I observed, the mosquitoes did not exhibit the behavior which they would, in case of a repellent. When a repellent is active as vaporizer, coil, or mat, the mosquitoes usually get disoriented, as the repellent penetrates their skin and paralyses them.

However, in this case, the mosquitoes exhibited no such behavior. They weren’t affected in any way, and kept flying around without any hindrance.

Alas, Neem oil isn’t the holy grail I was looking for. Looks like we’ll have to stick to Vaporizers,Mats and coils for now. Fortunately, they aren’t harmful. So we can still protect ourselves from mosquitoes without major side effects.