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Good Knight Active Plus Vaporizer Liquid machine is the best product available in the market in it’s category. There are fancier liquid vaporizer machines in the market, but, they are disappointing when tested.

Good Knight Active Plus, however, focuses on being effective at it’s primary job, and it does it perfectly.

Good Knight Activ Plus is equipped with a superior heating system, ensuring low electricity consumption & a consistent release of the repellent liquid.

The System has two modes: Normal and Activ Plus, and both modes work fine. In the Activ Plus mode, the repellent liquid vaporizes twice as fast as the Normal mode. This mode is suitable when turning the system on initially, ensuring rapid release of the repellent. You can switch back to normal mode after a few minutes.

The liquid container comes has a high calibre porous wick with consistent flow.

All in all, this product is the best in it’s category and can be bought and suggested confidently.

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