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Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

I have previously discussed why mosquito nets are indispensable. Comfort Mosquito Net is my recommendation after carefully analyzing many other products.

I had purchased a 6’X6.5′ king size mosquito net three months ago, and it has been a wonderful experience. While there are other products available, they had shortcomings such as :

Holes in the material too big, due to which mosquitoes were getting in easily.
In some products, the holes were too small, resulting in poor ventilation, due to which, it was hot inside the net.
While some products had good quality, the tying mechanism meant they could only be used with a bed. As a result, the usability was limited.


Comfort Mosquito Net is manufactured by Nakshatra Enterprises. The manufacturing facility is located in Kengeri,Bengaluru City, Karnataka State. I reached out to the manufacturer to get some information and write this article.

Nakshatra Enterprises started manufacturing this product in 2002, and, since then they have sold over one lakh units.



Available In Two Colours

Comfort Mosquito Net Features

  • No tying and untying, just open and fold
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Structure supported by six, 4mm mild steel rods wrapped in pvc
  • Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to wash and maintain, highly durable
  • Tall enough for an adult to sit inside comfortably
  • Available in 13 sizes
  • Good ventilation, ensures air gets in but mosquitoes stay out

Comfort Mosquito Net is available in Four main sizes

King Size :

6ft X 7ft (72inch X 84inch) 6ft X 6 1/2ft (72inch X 78inch) 6ft X 6 1/4ft (72inch X 75inch) 6ft X 6ft (72inch X 72inch)
Price: ₹ 1,750/-

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Queen Size :

5ft X 6 1/2ft (60inch X 78inch) 5ft X 6 1/4ft (60inch X 75inch) 5ft X 6ft (60inch X 72inch)
Price: ₹ 1,550/-

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Double Size :

4ft X 6 1/2ft (48inch X 78inch) 4ft X 6 1/4ft (48inch X 75inch) 4ft X 6ft (48inch X 72inch)
Price: ₹ 1,550/-

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Single Size :

3ft X 6 1/2ft (36inch X 78inch) 3ft X 6 1/4ft (36inch X 75inch) 3ft X 6ft (36inch X 72inch)2 1/2ft X 6 1/2ft (30inch X 78inch)2 1/2ft X 6 1/4ft (30inch X 75inch)2 1/2ft X 6ft (30inch X 72inch)
Price: ₹ 1,250/-

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The best feature of this mosquito net is, it is not fixed to the bed. You can use it on the floor, in the garden, or on the terrace. You can even easily carry it while travelling. It’s simple mechanism is especially noteworthy, because, it allows you to set up the net anywhere.

Kids playing in the living room, without fear of mosquito bites

In conclusion, Comfort Mosquito Net is a unique, high quality product, which gives me enough confidence to recommend it to others.