Mosquitoes – annoying, irritating, blood sucking, have been on this planet for over 70 million years. They were around the time dinosaurs ruled. They were present when humans were evolving. Throughout our existence, humans have tried various means of protection against mosquitoes. In present day, there are a variety of means to protect against mosquitoes : sprays, creams, mats, coils, vaporizers and so on. But, one humble tool has stayed steady in this centuries old war : The Mosquito Net.


In this article, we look at the reasons that make this humble tool indispensable in protection against mosquitoes.

Unique High Quality Mosquito Net

6 Mosquitoes cannot evolve against nets:

Living beings evolve and adapt, that’s how we survive. You might have heard about DDT resistant bugs. Insects evolve and become resistant to a toxin over time. Mosquitoes are no exception, and there may already be some mosquitoes that are resistant to Prallethrin and Transfluthrin, the mild insecticides that are main constituents of repellents. However, mosquitoes cannot evolve against a physical barrier like a mosquito net.

5 Affordable:

For as little as Rs500, you can get a decent quality mosquito net, while fancier ones may cost more. Cotton nets usually cost more than nylon nets, and are more durable and comfortable. Nylon nets while not a match for the quality of cotton nets, provide affordable protection against mosquitoes.

4 No need of electricity:

Today, there are a variety of Mosquito Nets using different mechanisms. Some are mere marketing gimmicks, while some others are genuinely useful. In any case, a mosquito net provides protection throughout its life, without need for electricity. Cleaning it is easy too.

3 Uninterrupted protection:

Once you set up your mosquito net, tuck yourself in, and that’s it. You are protected from mosquitoes as longs you’re inside it. A vaporizer will stop working in case of power cut, a coil will burn out in an hour, but, a mosquito net, provides uninterrupted protection, all night, night after night, for years.

2 Effective even with fan turned on, windows opened:

Vaporizers are not very effective when you turn on the fan in a room. Mosquito nets however, aren’t affected by a fan or an ac. Keep your windows open, keep your fan on, no problem. Uninterrupted protection!

1 No Chemicals:

Although Mats, Vaporizers, Coils etc use Prallethrin or  Transfluthrin, which are not harmful, some people may find them irritating. Some people may be allergic to the scent of these repellents. Also, lifelong exposure for 8-10 hours a day may cause some minor side effects. Mosquito Nets however, are free from any chemicals, and pose no threat to anybody.